I have CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth) type 2A - it's a hereditary neuromuscular degenerative disease. I started having symptoms when I was about 6 yrs old, starting with foot drop and then weakening in my toes, feet, and ankles. It was scary because I had always been really active- I was a competitive gymnast and diver and the idea that I wouldn’t be able to do do the things I loved was really scary, so I pretended like my disability didn’t exist. My

parents went along with this as well. We went on with life like nothing was wrong and I got to live, what I think was a pretty “normal” childhood. I did sports and participated in gym and marching band, I went out with friends. I never let my CMT get in the way of doing anything I wanted to do. There were certain things that stuck out though, when it came to running the mile at gym I would always fall to the end of the pack, but then on the other end, I made up for that being able to do the most pull ups, crunches, and push ups for EVERYONE (boys + girls) in my class. 


I should mention- that up until recently, I didn’t know the name for what was wrong with me. With that, It was really confusing whenever I tried to explain it. If someone asked, I would often just mumble something and change the subject… or lie- like it was a sports injury or something. Anyone else do this? It was just easier that way. To make things more confusing, my doctors throughout my childhood kept re-diagnosing me, so I stoped going and never really looked for more information. 


As walking became harder and I suffered from injury after injury. It was really frustrating, especially being as active as I was/am. I decided it was time that I got some answers and I started the search and discovered that I had CMT.


I think the one big reason I ignored it for so long, is because there is such a negative stigma with the word disability and on the disabled. My biggest goal is to break this stereotypes! Please join me, in not only finding the cure for this, but also breaking the stereotypes that come with disability!

I've always loved fitness and clothes and have learned to work with what I have instead of what I don't, and I want to inspire you to do the same and love yourself for who you are and focus on your talents because you are **amazing** in your own way and I want you to own that and live your best life and everyday to the fullest! 

Currently I am the owner and instructor at All Bodies Community. A virtual fitness community open to all, no matter your age, body shape, or ability level. I would love to see all of your faces in real time. Click the "Join a Class" button above to join me for a virtual fitness class. Hope to work out with you soon!


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