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location: EMERALD CITY BOXING - seattle, wa

BOXING | Week 1

I’ve always been really active, but have had trouble in classes because a lot of classes fill gaps with running and stairs and jumping jacks, which as a CMTer is not something I’m able to do. So I tend to be a solo fitness girl and always avoided group classes. In retrospect I’ve never been open about my disability and told instructors about it, so I’m challenging myself to do one group class a week giving instructors full disclosure of my disability ahead of time and seeing how well certain classes can be adapted. This week I played it safe and started with something that I know and love- boxing. Boxing is the one type of class I used to frequent often, so I’m not really stepping out of my comfort zone... but ya know, you gotta start somewhere! So I hit up a Western style boxing class at Emerald City Boxing gym and let me tell you- I’ve taken quite a few boxing classes through the years and this by far has been my favorite. Yes, my favorite. Once I’m done with this once a week challenge, this will definitely be a gym I come back to! 


So I have a lot of feelings about boxing classes and I group them into 2 dumbed down categories: 1. Real boxing - which has several sub categories of exercises that fill a class- bag work, partner boxing, shadow boxing, sparring (you won’t find sparring in a beginner class) and 2. Victoria Secret boxing. What is Victoria Secret boxing you ask? Well it’s this boxing trend that started with some Victoria Secret models who were like “Yay! We’re sexy! We box!” But really it’s like 70% running and burpees and the rest is hitting a 40-50 lbs bag. Which is awesome if you’re into that, but as a CMTer running and burpees really isn’t in my ball park. So the only real way to know what your getting into when is calling the gym.

So when I called the gym to make sure it wasn’t all running and such they were super nice and confirmed minimal to no running (but still cardio based) and when I told them about my disability they were quick to let me know that they happily adapt anything for anyones needs, which was AMAZING to hear! So when I showed up, I wrapped up and told my instructor about my sitch and he was really awesome about it as well. The class started with (like 5 mins tops) of jump roping and he gave me other options to warm up, then we quickly moved into shadow boxing, then partner combo drills with receiving mitts. There’s some footwork in there that could be a little difficulty for some CMTers, especially if you don’t wear AFOs and have bad foot drop, but I had my trusty Blue Rocker AFOs on and was good to go! I should mention this was my first boxing class with AFOs and man did it make a difference! So after this section of the workout everyone was sweating pretty hard and we moved on to bag work. If you’re a CMTer who struggles a little more with balance, I would recommend a class that’s that’s predominantly bag work. Partnering up and having someone hit you (with receiving gloves on) could definitely cause you to easily  

lose balance and fall over. Anywho, after the bag work we did some floor abs and the class was over! It flew by and I didn’t bif it once- Yay! So if you have the balance, I would absolutely recommend this class. There was no running and for the minimal time that there was something I couldn’t do (the jump roping) the instructor was quick to help out! If you’ve made it this far, thanks so much for reading! What should I do next week? Aerial yoga? Or something a little more trendy, like Zumba?