Week 4:


location: 24 hour fitness northgate, seattle, wa

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CYCLE | Week 4

Week 4 of my “One Class A Week!” 2 weeks ago I got a few request to do cycle and I gotta tell you it was hard getting here, but I finally made it! I should mention, I do love a casual bike ride through the park, but the idea of sitting on a stationary bike INDOORS with a room full of strangers is in no way appealing to me. Lucky my instructor was really nice. I told her it was my first cycle class and I wear AFOs regularly and was going to try biking with them on for the first time, but might switch out midway through. She was super stoked I was giving cycle a go and said she’d come check in, which she did before class to make sure my bike was all good to go and after class to see how I did! Plus, the nice fellows biking next to me were regulars and were really awesome and helped me set up my bike as well  In the past I’ve done my biking without AFOs, the AFO life is relatively new to me and I wasn’t sure how it would effect pedaling. Shockingly, it was kind of nice with the AFOs. My ankle strength is too weak to keep my foot at neutral position so it’s usually at a 45 degree when biking, which can leave my ankles aching and my Achilles tendon feeling stretched out at the end. I thought I would have to switch out of AFOs, but I kept them on the whole time.


Also, I don’t have the strength, or at least the confidence in my strength to stand up and bike, which I feel like is what keeps the class fun. Other CMTers- can you stand and pedal? When she would call out sprints and “upcoming hills”(this is where you turn up your resistance to mimic going up a hill) I would pedal faster or turn up my resistants, so I was totally paying attention and participating. The instructor was really good at changing up the workout and keeping people engaged and into it, I just don’t think it’s my cup of tea. Which is ok, because I love so many other fitness activities, you can’t love em all, right? I want to hear below in the comments why people like cycle. What brings you in? What emotions and feelings does cycle release for you? What do you absolutely love about it that keeps bringing you back? Tell me your point of view. Maybe I’ll give it another go and take these thoughts in with me for a different experience. ️


The lights went out and the glow lights came on and the class started. The music started pumping and not gonna lie, I was digging the songs. Although, about 5 mins went by and I was like, “Cool, are we done yet? How has it only been 5 mins?” I started looking longingly at the people lifting outside the glass windows in the gym. It’s not that I was tired... it was that I was getting bored... Then this weird thing started happening with my foot- I don’t have the kind of CMT that gives me numbness in my feet, in fact I have full sensation, but my foot started to go numb in the stirrups  I honestly wasn’t sure what to do. Every couple of songs I would take my foot out and smack if or shake it, but whoa, that’s not something I usually have happen to me, and I DID NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!