When I think about getting ready in the morning or going shopping, I like to think of my AFOs as a fun added accessory to styling my looks. Despite the fact that I'm comfortable rocking my AFOs in public now, that wasn't always the case- After I got AFOs, I spent months hiding them. After I picked them up from the orthotist, I took the day off and went on a little shopping spree and bought some cute new shoes and some pants to cover them. After some time, I came to terms with them and now wear them visible a lot. Although, there are definitely plenty those days where I don't feel like looking at them on my legs or I don't feel like risking having someone stare or ask about them... Which is shocking so rare! Most people barely give them a second thought, and on the rare occasion people do ask about them, it's out of genuine curiosity and rooted in kindness, so if this is what is holding you back from wearing them out, don't let it be! But I know not everyone is there yet, and that's ok! If you click on text below it will take you to more photos of pants and cute outfits with links to where you can purchase these items. Or use them for inspo and create your own looks! Will be adding new photos and ideas regularly!