Week 6:
(Low Impact Training)

location: lit method - beverly hills la, ca

my rating:

LIT (Low Impact Training) | Week 6

I knew fitting workouts in this week, especially a class, was going to be a challenge. I’ve been traveling back to back and have flown from Seattle to LA then back to Seattle (for 3 hours) then off to Detroit. But I was stoked to take on this challenge and try my One Class a Week in a different state! On Wednesday, in Los Angeles, California I went to LIT Method. What’s LIT Method you ask? It’s Low Impact Training (LIT), high intensity workout that uses a ton of resistance training and there’s no running, jumping, or weights. When I read the description it sounded right up my ally! I was really excited to go Tuesday night, like a kid on Christmas Eve! When you sign up for a class you get to pick a station- each station has a rowing machine, a mat, a foam roller (for the warm down), a small and large resistant band, and TRX-esc resistant bands attached to the ceiling in front of you. 

I don’t even know if I can explain this class and the grasp of its epicness, but I’ll try. The instructor was amazing and really upbeat and motivating for 8:30a in the morning, which I really appreciated. The beets were good and the lighting was perfect. As for the workout- I’ve never sweat this much in my entire life  This workout activated every muscle in my body and made them hurt (in a good way!) I’ve been looking for a workout to murder my arms, because I feel like most workouts are created for the average person who has strong legs and weak arms, but I’m the opposite. It takes A LOT to make my arms tired or sore **insert hair flip here while I brag about my arms for the millionth time** My arms felt dead like 10-15 mins in to the class- So I applaud you LIT Method- you did it. The workout started with rowing and variations of resistance moves on the rowing machine like biceps curls and different shoulder movements with the row machine as resistance.

Then went into movements on your mats like planks and rapid mountain climbers, and my personal favorite- resistant bad push ups (I’m videos above + hold for upcoming push-up challenge) as well as resistant band TRX movements and continued to have rowing sprinkled in throughout the whole workout. The thing that made it so intensive, was everything was rapid fire movements mixed with slower strength training movements, working the same muscles back to back, with minimal rest. We did a lot of leg stuff too like squats and lunges, which I could barely do because I had my Blue Rocker AFOs on that give me zero ankle flexion. I didn’t get a chance to talk to the instructor before had so during the lunges (which I really can’t do) she checked in to make sure I wasn’t confused (since I could do all the other stuff) and I told her I wore braces and couldn’t move my legs like that. After class we chatted and I told her more about what was going on. After hiding it and denying it for so long, it feels really good to just own it and talk about it. I hope everyone can feel this comfortable talking about their disabilities some day. 

Please feel free to contact me if you ever need someone to share these things with

As for this class- I really wish they had this is Seattle, it would be such a hit and everyone would be going, especially me.