Week 5:


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location: UPLIFT - EDMONDS, wa


Week 5 of “One Class A Week!” Went a bit unorthodox this week and did a pole class and wow was it fun! If you’re in a part of the world where when you think of pole dancing, you only think of strip clubs- think again! It’s a killer full body workout and in Seattle it’s pretty trendy. Not only is it an great workout that made my abs look **AMAZING** after, but in this class they preach self love “feel yourself, love your yourself!” Which I can absolutely get down with. I live in the mindset where we should all love our bodies for the way they are and should ignore all the white noise of negativity we hear and focus on the positive. As a CMTer, this wasn’t always the case. If you feel like you’re lacking this, try pole. Also, I was chatting with another girl in the class who had been coming for a while and she told me no matter where you are, newbie, intermediate, or advanced there’s always something to learn for everyone and it always feels like you’re improving- I mean, how can you go wrong with that!

The class was about an hour long and for a good chunk of the beginning we did a lot of floor work- stretching, abs and planks. It all flowed and was fast paced to keep your heart rate up but still really stretched and lengthened your muscles. At one point we were doing bicycle kicks at double speed and it felt like I was running on the air

Then we all picked a pole and started with some grip exercises where we gripped the pole above our heads and pulled ourselves up- you could be any level to do this. The point is to build strength and slowly be able to pull yourself up higher and higher. Then we learned some spins and she showed us the different levels for each spins, to build up as we worked on it, which was really nice. Oh! I forgot to mention- I did tell her at the beginning about my CMT and she was super chill about it- not gonna lie my favorite teacher reaction so far. She acknowledged it and told me we could modify anything and moved on and treated me like everyone else and gave me help when I needed it and let me try the harder stuff if I felt up to it. She trusted me to know my body, which I really appreciated. So anyways, from here we learned a dance routine (which is what the videoclips are of) and performed them in groups in front of each other- I know, nerve racking! But it was really fun and everyone was so positive and supportive of everyone else, it was great! 
**disclaimer** the original videoclip was about 1.5 mins long and I cut it to the sections to where I look slightly above mediocre  If anyone wants to see the awkwardness of the whole video to help them get out there to try it, let me know! 
I did leave in one awkward thing so I could talk about it... so getting off the ground: I pretty much have to be pushing off the ground with my hands or have something to pull myself up with, my legs can’t do it themselves. If you watch the clip you’ll see... Thank god for that pole- or I would have never pulled that off  does anyone else have issues getting off the ground? Tips or tricks you’d like to share? 


At the very end of class we got to do a freeform dance. We all got to pick a favorite song and dance to it. Of course with all the self love vibes - I picked “Soulmate” by Lizzo. If you haven’t heard this song yet, go look it up! And if you’ve never heard of Lizzo- STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING AND LOOK HER UP! SERIOUSLY, she will change your life. Go down the YouTube rabbit hole and discover happiness.

I hope you liked this weeks post and I hope it’s inspired you to do something you love, for yourself, because you’re worth it