Week 3:

location: 24 HOUR FITNESS - LYNNWOOD, wa

my rating:

ZUMBA | Week 3

Week 3 of my One Class a Week Challenge! This week I decided to do something a little more trendy that they offer at my gym, and as you may have seen from my earlier post this week, I missed cycle, so I opted for Zumba. I apologize to anyone who has seen me dance, because it’s not a pretty site. On top of having no spacial awareness, my legs take on a life of there own- So no actually video or me dancing... #sorrynotsorry - I didn’t get a chance to talk to the instructor before class, because at the gym they usually just walk in and go, but I was in shorts and had my AFOs on. This did catch the instructors eye, and while we were dancing she danced up to me and asked if I was recovering from an injury, and guess what- while mid dance move, I just shook my head yes... Whoops! Here I go, saying I’ll start correcting people when they assume stuff but I totally didn’t.  

As for the Zumba, it was actually pretty fun! It’s really high energy and everyone’s just smiling and having a good time! Plus, you can definitely just kind of hide in the crowd. The room we were in had wall to wall mirrors in it, so I kind of just stood behind a lady in front of me so I couldn’t see myself in the mirror and pretended like I was dancing sexy, but let’s be serious, it was definitely Gumbo on stilts  for the technical stuff- I can’t jump or run, so for that I just did my best, doing a squat or lunge instead. The quicker leg movements were definitely way harder then the larger motions since my “trigger” nerves are kind of slow. But it was surprisingly easy to modify anything. Plus, I thought for sure that my knees would hurt after but they don’t. If you feel like, low commitment, putting yourself out there I would totally give it a go!